eCommerce Development

eCommerce Website Development

If you don’t know what you’re doing, developing an eCommerce website is a minefield. SSL certificates, payment gateways, postcode look-ups, shipping calculators, discount codes, special offers, user accounts, one-page checkout, courier integration, bulk product uploads…

Fortunately, here are Red Giant we do know what we’re doing! We’ve built many eCommerce websites and semi-eCommerce sites selling everything from magazines to surgical instruments, wine to event tickets, including full integration with the likes of Sagepay, WorldPay, PayPal and so on. We’ve even coded into Amazon’s back end, and that is not for the feint-hearted!

We develop, we test, we develop some more and then we test some more; and we repeat until perfection is achieved. We are diligent to the nth degree, we write clean, safe code, and we follow industry standards and best-practice to ensure every eCommerce site we build is rock-solid before going live.

So whether you want to sell art or antiques, wine or widgets, we know we can help you.

Oh, and we do all website development in-house, not using some pseudo white-label facility half way accross the world, so you know that the people you talk to are the ones who are actually doing the code.