ISK: The Guide – Graphic Design & Publishing

Red Giant was well underway with the quarterly production of EON Magazine, the world’s first hard-copy magazine dedicated to an on-line computer game, when it became abundantly clear that EVE (said computer game) is one heck of a steep learning curve. The sheer complexity, depth, variation and multitudinous nature of this massively popular MMO is such that what it really needed was a complete paper-based tutorial through which novice and seasoned players could trawl to learn, discover and progress. What we needed was someone who could design, edit, publish, print and distribute world-wide a 400-page wiro bound guide to the most complex computer game (not) on the planet. Oh yes, that’s us! So we did. It sold in the thousands and was reprinted multiple times.

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  • Play SF Digital Magazine
  • Equinox Magazine
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