Rolex Commemorative Book for The Queen – Graphic Design & Printing

Being a long-term sponsor of Royal Windsor Horse Show, Rolex wished to commemorate the 75th year of the Show in 2018 by presenting The Queen with a very special book. In collaboration with HPower (organiser of the Show), we selected a series of pictures, programmes and letters from the past 75 years of the Show and created a unique colour-matched, leather-bound, foil-blocked ‘scrapbook’, which we then presented in a matching leather-bound case. All inserts were printed and individually mounted within the book on appropriate stock, complete with fold-out programmes and hand-written calligraphy. Only three of these hand-crafted books were produced – one for The Queen, one for Rolex and one for HPower. So please don’t ask us to send you one.



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    The Kennel Club Annual Report
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